Be My Valentine: Marriage Challenge Week 4


Who is still with me? This is the final week. Can you believe we have been working on our marriages and changing our family life for four weeks now? Praise God! This week’s post from Courtney was about setting the right expectations of our spouses and giving back.

Philippians 2:3 &4 says “Do nothing out of selfish ambitionor vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

I am about to say something that I know more than a few of you will agree with. *clearing throat* I think Valentine’s Day on Facebook is a lot like Pinterest. If you are not careful, it can set up unrealistic ideas for us as wives. We look at the newsfeed and see dozen after dozen of beautiful flowers, candy, stuffed animals and cards. Then when the doorbell doesn’t ring, or we get just a card, we feel let down and disappointed. You woke up happy with your husband, expected nothing, he leaves for work, comes home unaware of the countless photos on Facebook you have been fantasizing over, hands you a card and there it is. Disappointment. Forget that you know your financial situation and agreed to not do anything this year. Forget that you got roses last week instead. No, none of that comes to mind or matters because, “IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!! And everyone else got like 6 dozen roses because one was from their husband and the others were from each one of their kids. It’s not fair!!” Am I striking a familiar chord with anyone out there? OR does this just happen to me?

As we wrap up our 4 weeks there is one thing I have learned. It feels better to give than to receive. A simple lesson. A lesson I have to relearn often. Still, a lesson that applies here. This Valentine’s Day, focus on giving to him. Turn off your phone or log out of Facebook. Don’t even tempt yourself to look at the parade of roses that goes on during the day. Instead, focus your time and energy on praying for your marriage.

1. Make him a meal he won’t forget. I happen to know a place you can get a recipe for two for the occasion *wink*

2. Give him a new Bible, or a devotional the two of you can work through together this year.

3.Give him a gift certificate to have his car/truck cleaned out.

4. Load up his Starbucks card!

5. Hire a sitter so you two can get away and YOU make the dinner reservations. WHOA!

6. My favorite and the one we have done more than a few times in our marriage. Buy champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. When the kids go to bed, enjoy chatting with each other and walking down memory lane. Pull out your wedding album. Watch your wedding video. There is no quicker way to reconnect than to be brought back to the memory of when you said, “I do.”

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2 thoughts on “Be My Valentine: Marriage Challenge Week 4

  1. This is so true and one of the reasons I left Facebook. I felt like I couldn’t meet up to expectations. For my own anxious heart, it was best for me to shut off Facebook. And the husband followed pursuit. Not because I threatened him, but because he loves me and understands that some people are being fake and I think honestly, Facebook was hurting our marriage. Unrealistic expectations and drama. For this Valentine’s Day, we are on a budget. Our day will not be a shrine of gifts. I plan on making dinner and doing our Bible study and just enjoying our presence together. Thank you for this opportunity to participate in this marriage challenge. Blessings, Ashley

    • Ashley, I LOVE the idea of a Bible study together! Especially that night! I am going to suggest the same for us! Thank you for the idea! I hope the challenge has been a blessing! I really enjoyed it!

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