Easter Meal Recipes and Easter Eggs

Good Morning! I am writing this in a dash as I have to run and pick up Thing 1 from testing. I wanted to get this out to you as I know many of you are planning to do Easter Eggs today or tomorrow and Easter Menu Planning is under way!

Let’s start with the menu!

Baked Brie for appetizer
(I am going to use a GF pie crust and wrap it around the brie!)

Crock Pot ham
I did this last year and it was awesome!

Asparagus Au Gratin
We love this!

Macaroni and Cheese

GF Ciabatta Bread

Apple Crisp for Dessert


The Eggs!



How we made them:

Bake eggs in muffin tin at 300 degrees for 30 minutes (thank you Pinterest!)

Take a wet paper towel and wrap around cooled hard boiled egg. Have your things drop food coloring over the egg wrapped in the paper towel. Let them squirt the egg in the paper towel once or twice with a water bottle. While holding the egg, give your egg and paper towel a slight squeeze to get rid of an excess water. Leave the egg in the paper towel to dry over night (I placed ours in the empty egg carton but be sure to place a plate underneath as it did bleed through our cardboard carton over night). In the morning, remove paper towel and marvel at the cool designs your Things made!

Aren’t these rad?! I can’t take credit for this awesome idea! I got it from Pinterest of course. What a different world we live in!

Have fun with your Things this week crafting!


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