Apron Tutorial

It’s the 3rd post for BOPM (Boys Only Project Month).  Let’s make an apron! 

My inspiration came from Williams Sonoma. Thank you WS for making me fall in love with a really cute Star Wars apron that cost between $20-$25 (not including shipping). Because of you, I was determined to stop talking about making Thing 2 his apron and actually do it.

I originally wanted to make him a Star Wars themed apron. Then I realized that fabric is hard to find. So is Marvel super hero fabric. So, I settled on his third favorite character… Buzz Lightyear.

This apron cost me $1.99/yard for the black fabric (I got two yards) & $3.00/yard for the buzz light year fabric (I got a yard). My total for this apron…. $6.98 + tax… and his facial expression when I was done was priceless. “FOR ME??!!! OH WOW!”

Let’s begin:

I got my measurements from this tutorial to begin my apron…but I have to say… I didn’t actually follow her tutorial. Surprised? I found her instructions overwhelming for some reason. So I set out to just do it my own way.

Since her tutorial was for a 2T and I needed a 3T I added 1″ for the top and bottom, and 5″ for the length. So my measurements were 5″ across on the top, go down 20″ then 7″ over for the bottom and 4 straps at 22″ each. I would add about an inch or more to go up each size… so for a 4T 6″ across the top, go down 21″ and 8″ over for the bottom. Hope that makes sense. Or, you could just measure your child. Mine was sleeping when I made his apron.

Before you cut, make sure you are cutting on a fold. Cut two on the fold (double lining the apron).

I just freelanced my shape. Don’t get overwhelmed because you don’t have a print out. Just do it. What’s the worse that could happen? You have to start over with more fabric. Not a big deal.

After you cut your two pieces for your apron, cut out your straps.

I do straps the easy way. Fold your material in half (pretty side of the fabric together). Sew a seam straight down. Here is a tip. If you cut your straps on a fold then one end will already be closed for you. Leave one end of the strap open. Using a pencil, kabob skewer or whatever you can find that is long and skinny, push the closed end of the material inside itself out the other end. We are hiding our stitching on the inside so all you see is seams on the outside. Close up the other end. I hope my picture better helps explain what I am trying to relay.

Now, it’s time to sew!

Place one of your pieces of fabric so that the right side of the fabric is facing up. Pin two straps on top so that the sewn edges are hanging out at the top and the rest of the strap is laying on top of the fabric.

Then place your second piece of fabric (right side facing down) on top of the straps and other piece of fabric.

Now stitch straight across the top, going over the straps that you have pinned in place.

Flip the top piece of fabric back and go ahead and pin the other two straps just below the arm hole. Point your rough edges (the ends you sewed) on the outside and tuck the rest of the strap in so it’s not in the way of sewing.

Flip your second piece of material back over the top and pin the rest of the apron together.

Sew all around EXCEPT the bottom, you will hem that later. Turn the material inside out through the bottom. It should look like this.

AH HA! You see my pocket. Let’s talk about that.

If you want to add a pocket simply cut two of a square or a pocket shape like I did. Sew them together (like sides facing each other). Leave the top open.

Now turn the pocket inside out. Now it’s time to hem the top so it looks finished. Fold the top inwards and sew. If you want to do a true hem, go for it. I am a slacker.

Now, pin the pock in place where you want it on the apron and stitch it to the apron. Leave the top open.

Almost done!!

Flip the rough edges in on the bottom and stitch the bottom.

If you don’t plan to applique, then you are done.


Steam-A- Seam is your friend! Use it!

First cut out the shapes you plan to place on your apron. Then place them on the web.

Now you are going to re-cut your shapes out so that the web fits your shape. Remove the backing of the web and place your shape on your apron.

Folllow the directions and iron it in place. I made a mistake here. Since I was putting an applique on a pocket, I should have put it on the pocket BEFORE I sewed it to the apron. So, since I didn’t do that, I couldn’t sew it down.

I didn’t end up sewing any of my appliques down. I normally do, but since I had already messed up the pocket I just decided not to do it. The Steam- A- Seam works really well, but I like to have that extra security with a stitch. Since it’s an apron and won’t be washed weekly, I am not worried about it.

Check him out in his apron.

Love him!



Happy Monday!

I am on the hunt for a cute apron. When I think of aprons, my mind has a tendency to go back to the aprons that Lucille Ball wore on her show. I automatically think several things about this homemaker image. None of them really positive.

Today, the homemaker has been transformed. I see women who are bringing back the sexy to sewing, women whose talents are more than just doing laundry, feeding kids and having supper made. So many women are choosing to stay home to raise children now and brining their God given talents with them back into the home. Seems I am not the only one who is seeing the transformation of SAHMS, the momprenuers of America seem to agree and are reflecting this in their work. If you ever get a chance, go to Etsy and see what a lot of the SAHMs are up to these days and making.
I have been looking for a cute apron that reflected my personality and I found some of the cutest aprons ever.
Here are two sites that I have been watching to find the perfect apron for this SAHM.