A little bit of breakfast, dinner and dessert

Now that I am not pregnant anymore, my taste buds are returning to normal and my enthusiasm for cooking has completely returned. I can not say the same about my energy. Thing 3 is on his way to sleeping through the night (got five hours out of him last night) but we still aren’t there yet.  I will warn you now this post may be poorly put together. It has taken me an hour to write these four sentences. Thing 3 is having a rough night- or past two hours.   I think he is finally asleep.  So, I have been trying a few new recipes out and thought I would share.

First off biscuits and gravy. I wish I had this recipe in the beginning of my pregnancy. Growing up (in S.C.),  I was accustomed to eating biscuits and gravy pretty much every weekend from Hardee’s. My dad would do a breakfast run for us every Saturday and this was my favorite! When I got pregnant with Thing 2 and Thing 3 this is one of the things I craved early in the pregnancy. Lucky for me ,when I was pregnant with Thing 2, they served it every Friday in the WaMu cafeteria. Thing 3 was a different story. Texas is just now getting Carl’s Jr. (my part of Texas) and when I was in the first few weeks of pregnancy with Thing 3, the nearest Carl’s Jr. (aka Hardee’s) was over half an hour away from our house. That has since changed, but now that I have this recipe I don’t have to go to Carl’s Jr. 🙂 This recipe comes from the Pioneer Woman’s website. You can check out her website by clicking on the recipe title Biscuits and Gravy below or you can follow her on Twitter by clicking on her name above.

Biscuits and Gravy

Here is what worked for me and didn’t work for me on this recipe.
Didn’t work:
First off, she calls for a roll of sausage. Because I have more to do than make breakfast in the mornings, I bought the Jimmy Dean Sausages that were already made into 8 patties. It saved me some time and I was able to get bottles going while I watched the sausage cook. I should also mention that I probably used a skillet that was too large for the amount that I was cooking. Back to my point- rambling because I am tired. The ready made patties didn’t produce enough grease to get a good gravy going. By the time I added my flour it was just not creating the right consistency for gravy. Because I am southern, I have a coffee cup of bacon grease in the fridge.
Did work:
Once I realized my gravy was ruined, I poured it out and started again (in the same skillet). I used about two large soup spoonfuls of bacon grease and followed the rest of her directions. Again, because I’m southern, I added poultry seasoning to my gravy. I am a gravy snob. It has to have just the right taste, especially gravy for biscuits.

It would have been better with the sausage grease, but my improvised bacon grease worked just fine. In the end, Paul had no idea and had seconds. Also, re- reading this paragraph and just thought I would let you know that while I do love my husband and love to cook, it’s rare that I make a hot breakfast in the mornings. I am not a morning person. I made this as a Father’s Day brunch for when he came home from church.

Next up is blackberry cobbler. I love blackberries. Blueberries are okay, but blackberries are my favorite berry. So, for Father’s day I wanted to make him a great desert to finish off his day of meals (I served lamb chops and the BEST mashed potatoes E.V.E.R. for dinner).  I didn’t want to make his normal favorites: banana pudding and apple pie. I thought back to one of our favorite restaurants in S.C.- the Mill Pond. All of my S.C. friends, you have to go there. One of the things we absolutely loved about that place (besides the romanticism of the whole place, their lamb, their wine, their view, the fact that it is literally down a dirt road by an old church) was their blackberry cobbler. I have no idea why, but by the time you finished eating their yummy cobbler, your teeth and mouth were purple. Honest! So, I thought, maybe I can find a recipe that will be similar. I knew my cobbler would never stand the test against theirs, but I thought, I will give it a go. My grandmother (Nonnie) passed down a peach cobbler recipe to me. I went on the hunt for a recipe that was similar in ingredients because if it was, then I knew it would be good. Nonnie has a special gift for making cobblers. I came across this one and knew it was the one to try. If you click on the title below, it will take you straight to the recipe. Paul was so excited to dig in. I made sure I had his favorite, Vanilla Bean, ice cream on hand so he could put a few scoops on top of the cobbler. He started eating and didn’t come up for air until it was gone. Then words came from his mouth that I never thought I would hear, “That is the absolute best cobbler I have ever had.” I didn’t dare remind him of the delicious piece of heaven in your mouth served at the Millpond. I took the compliment and kept my mouth shut. The best part about this recipe is that it is not cake-ish in texture and is SO EASY!! Seriously, you could feed a baby a bottle while prepping- I know from experience 🙂

Blackberry Cobbler

Now on to Pork Chops. I have pictures! I ended up making this tonight so I was able to take pictures. This is my own little creation…if you are looking for healthy- keep on looking.
Here is what you need:
Bone in pork chops- thin cut (but not too thin)
Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
Garlic powder
Salt & Pepper
1 yellow onion
1 green bell pepper

Very simple stuff people.  Season your pork- for me, the more the better. Sprinkle your diced onions and pepper on top of the chops. Now, add slivers of butter everywhere… when I say butter please don’t think I mean that stick stuff- I mean the good ‘ol brown tub of Country Crock goodness. Now, I like my chops to be moist not dried out- if this is your preference as well throw a piece of tinfoil on top. Pop it in the oven.. wait for it… in 15 minutes your kitchen will smell amazing and your mouth will water as you smell that onion and pepper cook into your chops.

I am out of time for tonight, but had a few more recipes I wanted to post. They will have to wait- next up will be the best mashed potatoes I have ever had in my life (made me feel stupid for not thinking up the recipe myself), the grilled lamb chops I made for Father’s day, Arroz con Pollo and meatballs.