Super hero hobo sack tutorial

Hobo bag tutorial

Project #5 of BOPM!

Inspired by Dana’s hobo sack
This project concludes the Boy’s Only Project Month. I have had a blast making stuff for the guys only. I hope that you have enjoyed it too. I am thinking early next year I will do another round of BOPM. 
Thing 2 is all about super heros these days. He has so many of them that he can’t take them all out to play without being afraid he will lose them. Many for a 2 year old is more than his two fists can contain; so pardon my loose use of the word many. He has about 20 figurines, a few duplicates, and ALL of them must be accounted for at bedtime… along with about 10 mini skateboards (from MCD’s) and 4 rockets and some Star Wars figurines.
This morning he stuffed his stuff in his bag and for the first time ever, he carried all of his stuff around ALL day without my help and without worrying. Sure, I could have given him a bag to put his stuff in, but he was SO excited that Superman was on his bag… and that I made it for him. This kid is such a blessing. He genuinely gets excited about something just because I made it. Love him.
Enough rambling. Let’s get to it.
About 1/4 yard of fabric or less
string or rope
The size of your bag is totally up to you.
I cut a piece of fabric about this size 
Folded it in half (pretty sides together)
Folded top down creating a hem. This will be a casing for your drawstrings. You will not sew the ends of this casing closed.
Sew the sides of the fabric (don’t sew the sides of the casing closed) and flip inside out. Put a safety pin on the end of your string and feed it through the casing. Tie knots a the end of your string.
When you are done, it should look like this
Your little guy will think it’s totally cool to have a bag that is his to stuff his stuff in. 

Tie shirt tutorial

YAY for Boy’s only project month!! Project 4! Are you enjoying the BOPM? Let me know if you want to see more boy’s sewing projects.

These are my favorite!

They are ridiculously easy and cute! Great project for a beginner sewer.

Here is how you can start. Go here to download the FREE tie pattern from Saltwater-Kids.

Follow her tutorial or read through mine. Whichever works for you.

If you can, freehand your own tie 🙂

I used her pattern for the length of the tie and I modified my knot. I wanted my knot to curve around the neck of the shirt so I cut like a half circle in the center of the tie.

First, choose your material and lay the pattern on your fabric.

Lay your cut fabric on the Steam- A- Seam and cut out your tie with the backing.

Lay it on the shirt. I like to take off the backing at this point so I can get it to lay like I want it.

This part is just a personal preference. I like the end of my tie to be slightly UNDERNEATH my knot. I think it looks more authentic.

Iron it down. You can stitch it down if you like- I do because I like that security.

 So cute, right? I love it and can’t wait to take pictures of the boys in front of Charlie (our giant pumpkin) in these shirts. What a great Thanksgiving card it will make!

Apron Tutorial

It’s the 3rd post for BOPM (Boys Only Project Month).  Let’s make an apron! 

My inspiration came from Williams Sonoma. Thank you WS for making me fall in love with a really cute Star Wars apron that cost between $20-$25 (not including shipping). Because of you, I was determined to stop talking about making Thing 2 his apron and actually do it.

I originally wanted to make him a Star Wars themed apron. Then I realized that fabric is hard to find. So is Marvel super hero fabric. So, I settled on his third favorite character… Buzz Lightyear.

This apron cost me $1.99/yard for the black fabric (I got two yards) & $3.00/yard for the buzz light year fabric (I got a yard). My total for this apron…. $6.98 + tax… and his facial expression when I was done was priceless. “FOR ME??!!! OH WOW!”

Let’s begin:

I got my measurements from this tutorial to begin my apron…but I have to say… I didn’t actually follow her tutorial. Surprised? I found her instructions overwhelming for some reason. So I set out to just do it my own way.

Since her tutorial was for a 2T and I needed a 3T I added 1″ for the top and bottom, and 5″ for the length. So my measurements were 5″ across on the top, go down 20″ then 7″ over for the bottom and 4 straps at 22″ each. I would add about an inch or more to go up each size… so for a 4T 6″ across the top, go down 21″ and 8″ over for the bottom. Hope that makes sense. Or, you could just measure your child. Mine was sleeping when I made his apron.

Before you cut, make sure you are cutting on a fold. Cut two on the fold (double lining the apron).

I just freelanced my shape. Don’t get overwhelmed because you don’t have a print out. Just do it. What’s the worse that could happen? You have to start over with more fabric. Not a big deal.

After you cut your two pieces for your apron, cut out your straps.

I do straps the easy way. Fold your material in half (pretty side of the fabric together). Sew a seam straight down. Here is a tip. If you cut your straps on a fold then one end will already be closed for you. Leave one end of the strap open. Using a pencil, kabob skewer or whatever you can find that is long and skinny, push the closed end of the material inside itself out the other end. We are hiding our stitching on the inside so all you see is seams on the outside. Close up the other end. I hope my picture better helps explain what I am trying to relay.

Now, it’s time to sew!

Place one of your pieces of fabric so that the right side of the fabric is facing up. Pin two straps on top so that the sewn edges are hanging out at the top and the rest of the strap is laying on top of the fabric.

Then place your second piece of fabric (right side facing down) on top of the straps and other piece of fabric.

Now stitch straight across the top, going over the straps that you have pinned in place.

Flip the top piece of fabric back and go ahead and pin the other two straps just below the arm hole. Point your rough edges (the ends you sewed) on the outside and tuck the rest of the strap in so it’s not in the way of sewing.

Flip your second piece of material back over the top and pin the rest of the apron together.

Sew all around EXCEPT the bottom, you will hem that later. Turn the material inside out through the bottom. It should look like this.

AH HA! You see my pocket. Let’s talk about that.

If you want to add a pocket simply cut two of a square or a pocket shape like I did. Sew them together (like sides facing each other). Leave the top open.

Now turn the pocket inside out. Now it’s time to hem the top so it looks finished. Fold the top inwards and sew. If you want to do a true hem, go for it. I am a slacker.

Now, pin the pock in place where you want it on the apron and stitch it to the apron. Leave the top open.

Almost done!!

Flip the rough edges in on the bottom and stitch the bottom.

If you don’t plan to applique, then you are done.


Steam-A- Seam is your friend! Use it!

First cut out the shapes you plan to place on your apron. Then place them on the web.

Now you are going to re-cut your shapes out so that the web fits your shape. Remove the backing of the web and place your shape on your apron.

Folllow the directions and iron it in place. I made a mistake here. Since I was putting an applique on a pocket, I should have put it on the pocket BEFORE I sewed it to the apron. So, since I didn’t do that, I couldn’t sew it down.

I didn’t end up sewing any of my appliques down. I normally do, but since I had already messed up the pocket I just decided not to do it. The Steam- A- Seam works really well, but I like to have that extra security with a stitch. Since it’s an apron and won’t be washed weekly, I am not worried about it.

Check him out in his apron.

Love him!

Batman Pj bottoms

It’s the 2nd post for BOPM (Boys Only Project Month). Let’s look at the matching flannel pj bottoms I made for the boys .

I used the same pattern that I used for the bloomers (for the babies) and the ruffled bottom capris (that I made for Thing 1) to make pj bottoms for all three kids. Each pj bottom took me an hour to make. If you want to pick up sewing, start sewing for the little ones first and use the patterns created by Aimee from Sew Sensible. They are beginner patterns and each step has a picture so you can make sure you are doing it correctly. I know that I have given the link to this pattern before, but just in case you are new to the blog here is the link to the pattern for the boutique bottoms pattern. I have been able to use this pattern over and over again.

It’s as simple as cutting two pieces of fabric that look like this:

Then you create a waist line and casing to insert the elastic.

Hem the bottoms of the pants and sew the two pieces together. Easy easy.
And how cute are the boys with their matching Batman Pj’s!! Thing 2 was SO excited that I made him these Batman pj’s. He LOVES them and they are warm and soft.

Soccer shirts for Dad and Little Bro Tutorial

This post officially kicks off the BOPM! (boys only project month). Yay, for sewing for boys. There doesn’t seem to be much out there for the little guys. We will just have to change that. Got an idea for a boys project? Send it my way and I will see if I can figure out how to make it 🙂

I searched the internet trying to find something really cute to model my fan shirts after. Can you believe it,  I found NOTHING! I was disappointed. There is one great thing about this tutorial: 1.) It’s cheap. Both shirts cost me $6 to make.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found matching blue shirts for the man and Thing 2. I got blue because that is the color of Thing 1’s game jersey. I purchased 4 square pieces of felt: 2 black and 2 white.

Start the project by finding a picture of a soccer ball on the internet and re-sizing it to the size you want for the shirts. Cut out the ball and place it on the felt. This ball will be your guide throughout the project.

I originally cut out two circles in the black felt…

And decided it was going to be too dark… so I cut out two more circles in the white felt to use for the actual balls. Which color you use for the ball will be up to you.

Once you are done using the soccer ball print out as your guide for making the felt soccer balls, cut out one of the black pentagons.

Then, using your pentagon from the print out as a guide, cut out five felt pentagons.

Arrange them on your white felt soccer ball. and begin cutting thin pieces of black felt to connect the pentagons.

Once you have cut out all of your pieces you can either sew it or hot glue it first. After cutting the felt, I knew it would be hard to work with on the machine since it was slippery. I decided I should hot glue all of the pieces down first before sewing. I know you are thinking, “I bet it made your needle messy.” The answer is, not as much as the felt. My machine should probably get a good cleaning after using that felt.

I sewed down every piece on the soccer ball. Then I sewed the soccer balls to the shirts.

At this point I was thinking it looked a little bare.

I wanted to add something to the shirt that made it about her. Because there is another girl on her team with the same name, I decided to go with the number on her jersey. 
I was satisfied with this. If this had been a fan shirt for Thing 1 it would have been “girlied up,” but… this was for the boys. I had to stop myself from adding something pink or a bow on there, just for her 🙂
I monogrammed the backs of the shirts to say, Soccer Bro and Soccer Dad.
The guys loved them and so did she. 
You can apply this same method to any sport your child is in: baseball, football, tennis… Easy peasy project and great for the siblings so that they can show their support and feel involved (even if they aren’t playing). 
Wash your shirt inside out on the gentle cycle and dry on low heat.

Mom’s of boys.. get ready!!

I have made a decision to do some sewing for my little guy. I am dedicating this month’s of sewing (minus a few projects I have already started for Thing 1) to my guys. Thing 2 gets so excited when I make something for him so I want to see his face light up when I make some of these.

I hope you will enjoy some the projects I am going to add on here.
Some of them will be:
1.)  Buz Lightyear apron
2.) Batman pj bottoms for both boys
3.) Soccer bro shirt and matching soccer dad shirt
4.) Little guy ties or a tie shirt (I haven’t decided yet)
5.) A hobo sack for my little guy’s super hero’s
This is my plan. I may take longer than a month to get it all done or I may change it up, but for now, this is my target. I am a mom to three so I am realistic in the sense that I may not reach this goal. I try to sew early in the morning before they wake up or after they go to bed, late into the night. So a number of factors could change this goal 🙂
I can not promise you patterns to all of these, I can promise you links to the tutorials that I will use for some of these, and I will promise you pictures. Lots of pictures 🙂