Roasted Carrots

Carrots. When I think of a cooked carrot I think of it two ways. 1) In a soup or roast 2.) Cooked with cinnamon. I can eat carrots raw all day, but something about them being cooked just turns me off.  I use them in my soups and roast but never can I digest more than of a taste of them with cinnamon. That being said, I am on a quest to add more vegetables to our diet and thought we should have some roasted carrots last night. Why roasted you ask. Have you ever had roasted asparagus? Our roasted asparagus was the inspiration for the roasted carrots last night. I will post the recipe for our roasted asparagus another time.

Roasted Carrots:
Heat oven to 425
olive oil
Wash and slice your carrots. I used baby carrots because that is what I had on hand. Add about a tablespoon of olive oil. Add as little or much onion as you desire. Onion powder would work as well. Salt and pepper to taste. Throw in fresh rosemary. Cook for about 20 minutes. Depending on how many you cook it may be less. 
Now bribe everyone at the table with ice cream sandwiches to finish their dinner.