Chair backers and news!

I am so excited about this blog post. You will find out why in just a second. I was able to find time to complete our Valentine’s Day chair backers! I chose the no-sew option. Our kitchen chairs really weren’t conducive to the backpack option and I thought those mail envelopes were simply adorable.
After I completed my first one I was able to whip the other two up with no problem. This morning Thing 1 and Thing 2 came downstairs to eat breakfast and saw them for the first time. You would have thought Santa came to our house all over again. There was squealing and giggles. Thing 1 has thanked me several times for making hers pink and putting “sparklies” all over it. Thing 2 thinks his is cool and especially likes playing with the Velcro closure. I also made one more for the baby. We have decided on a name and I have monogrammed it on his Valentine’s Day chair backer to make it official. Take a look!
Here are the indivual photos of each one.
And the baby’s name will be… Caleb James Norman aka CJ!
We are so excited about baby Thing 3 and even more now that this precious boy has a name.
This brings me to the end of my post with one final thought. After making these for the kids I had a great idea. Since my kids are no longer in a MDO program and do not attend preschool they sort of miss out on the whole Valentine exchange. I decided I would reach out this way through my blog to other SAHM’s to see if anyone is interested in exchanging Valentines with us. Even if you aren’t local we will mail them! Our kids LOVE mail and how special would it be for them (and your children) if we could get their little pouches filled up with Valentines?! If you are interested, please let me know. If you aren’t local message me and we can exchange addresses!