Update your little girl’s bows for $.99

Yesterday I ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up some more supplies for some projects I am working on and I found myself on the aisle with the onesies and pins. I was looking through their pins and found these cute monogrammed pins.

I grabbed an ‘I’ and an ‘N’. I My thought was since they are pins, I should be able to slide them under the center knot of her bow.
It worked. These bows costs between $6-$12. I just made my own for $.99 (because we already have a ton of bows.) With this pin, I can slide the monogrammed button into any of her bows for a custom look.

She was excited to wear her “new” bow this morning. I think it’s just plain cute!

Faith Double Layer Top

I finally got my sewing machine back late last week and began sewing the other night.  I made a Faith Double Layer Top by SewSensible. Again, I can not say enough about her patterns. The top was so easy to put together. Thing 1 picked out the fabric specifically for this top and is in love with it. She wanted to wear it the moment she saw it was finished. I found that this pattern leads you through some short cuts that I didn’t realize exist when sewing the tops together.  I made a few strip work jumpers over the holidays and wished I had known these shortcuts. Her pattern makes sewing so easy to do and it’s fun instead of stressful. 

Take a look at my cutie in her custom made Faith top. Finished just in time for  the 80 degree weather we are getting this week 🙂