Super hero hobo sack tutorial

Hobo bag tutorial

Project #5 of BOPM!

Inspired by Dana’s hobo sack
This project concludes the Boy’s Only Project Month. I have had a blast making stuff for the guys only. I hope that you have enjoyed it too. I am thinking early next year I will do another round of BOPM. 
Thing 2 is all about super heros these days. He has so many of them that he can’t take them all out to play without being afraid he will lose them. Many for a 2 year old is more than his two fists can contain; so pardon my loose use of the word many. He has about 20 figurines, a few duplicates, and ALL of them must be accounted for at bedtime… along with about 10 mini skateboards (from MCD’s) and 4 rockets and some Star Wars figurines.
This morning he stuffed his stuff in his bag and for the first time ever, he carried all of his stuff around ALL day without my help and without worrying. Sure, I could have given him a bag to put his stuff in, but he was SO excited that Superman was on his bag… and that I made it for him. This kid is such a blessing. He genuinely gets excited about something just because I made it. Love him.
Enough rambling. Let’s get to it.
About 1/4 yard of fabric or less
string or rope
The size of your bag is totally up to you.
I cut a piece of fabric about this size 
Folded it in half (pretty sides together)
Folded top down creating a hem. This will be a casing for your drawstrings. You will not sew the ends of this casing closed.
Sew the sides of the fabric (don’t sew the sides of the casing closed) and flip inside out. Put a safety pin on the end of your string and feed it through the casing. Tie knots a the end of your string.
When you are done, it should look like this
Your little guy will think it’s totally cool to have a bag that is his to stuff his stuff in.