Princess Themed Party Food Part Four: The Princess Cake

A cake is the centerpiece of every party. This party was no different. As I combed through pages in the internet looking for princess themed food, I came across princess cakes aka Barbie cakes. I had not seen one of these before. I am wondering if this is because they weren’t popular where I grew up. Either way, once I saw this work of art (it truly is) I had to try it.

I bake. I like to bake. But decorating cakes is intimidating to me. Especially one this magnificent. Nonetheless I pressed forward on this adventure.

What you need:

One Wilton Wonder Mold cake pan 

2 Boxes of cake mix I used Confetti Cake

Icing. I whipped up some butter cream icing from scratch BUT I just found out that Publix sells their butter cream icing in the bakery. Just ask them for some.

Cake decorating tips

Sandwich bags

You will want to start this cake at least one day ahead of when you need it.

Follow the directions for the Wilton Wonder Cake. If the pan is not properly greased and floured it will remove chunks of you cake as you remove it from the pan. I  didn’t lose any chunks, thankfully.

After your cake has cooled, place it in the freezer for 24 hours. This is why you want to start your cake ahead of time. A good friend at Radiant Lit told me if I froze my cake I could easily brush off the crumbs so they wouldn’t get in my icing. This was a very helpful tip and worked.

My princess wanted a Belle cake to match her. As you get ready to make your icing and decorate I suggest setting your inspiration in front of you. I hung Belle’s dress up in the kitchen so I could look at it while I was decorating her cake.

Make your icing. Color the icing with food coloring if desired. I ended up making two batches of icing to finish my cake. I colored the first batch all yellow for the dress. The second batch I split up in to small bowls to make other colors for the dress.

I grabbed some sandwich bags, clipped the tip of them and inserted my decorating tip inside to poke through the hole. Before I added my icing to the bag and began my decorating, I spread a thin layer of icing all over the cake. I added icing to bags and began.

Take a deep breath and just start.

Here’s mine:

She LOVED the cake and loved the party.

She still talks about the strawberry soup and just asked me to make some more. When your six-year-old is still talking about food from a party two weeks ago, you know you scored! This concludes the Princess Themed Party Food. Hope I have been able to give you some inspiration for your princess parties.


Princess Themed Party Food Part Three: Perfectly Pink Princess Juice

I wanted something cute and creative for Thing 1’s birthday party, so I made Watermelon Spritzers!

I used watermelon (because it needed to be pink) but really any fruit will work. I would have done strawberries but I had strawberry soup on the menu.

What you need:

1 small seedless watermelon

1 small bottle of lemon lime seltzer



Cut your watermelon into small chunks. Add to your blender with ice and start with a tbsp of sugar. Once blended add about 1/2 cup of seltzer and taste it. I added more seltzer and more sugar to mine but taste as you go to make sure you don’t put too much seltzer or sugar.

The kids LOVED this! We had some left over so you can guess what they were asking for the next day. Healthy, easy, quick and pink.

Princess Themed Party Food Part Two: Wands and Dip

The man and I celebrated 8 married years together two days before Thing 1’s birthday. He got me an Edible Arrangement. I knew there was no way I was going to finish eating it before Thing 1’s birthday so I was trying to think up ways to use it. Then I happened upon a cute idea while digging around the internet, fruit wands! Yes! They could be the Princess scepter. Great. Then I saw where someone cut a cantaloupe open and placed a dip in the middle! WINNING (sorry, I just had to). So I rocked out my cantaloupe. Here’s how you do it.

First slice the skin off the cantaloupe with your knife. Yes, do it. It’s not hard and it looks prettier if you do. Slice the cantaloupe in half and cut the bottom off of ONE of the sides so that it will sit flat. Scoop out the seeds and fill with your favorite dip, yogurt, or melted chocolate.

I had plain yogurt on hand so I added some honey and some red food coloring.

Then just place your filling inside one of the halves of cantaloupe.

Before I finish, if you are doing a boy’s party just make the yogurt the color of the boy’s party. I am already thinking up blue for Blue’s Clues, Red for Spider Man, Yellow for Sponge Bob… It’s an easy snack and healthy!

Flip the other cantaloupe upside down (side that had the seeds facing the plate).
Take some fruit and put them on wooden skewers. Place the skewers in the cantaloupe so that they are sticking out. I used the Edible Creations skewers and Ta Da!

My presentation was met with excitement when I told her what they were. Easy y’all and just plain cute.

Princess Themed Party Food Part One: Strawberry Soup

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. We have even thrown a party or two for half birthdays. It’s what we do. Life is a treasured thing to us so once a year I do the best I can to create a memorable day for each Thing. This year was no different. Thing 1 requested a princess themed birthday party. We did one of those two years ago so I wanted this one to be different. She’s older. She doesn’t get  a kick out of the same stuff she used to. At first, visions of tea cups, crumpets and petit sandwiches danced in my head. Then I remembered we have two boys and the man that will be in attendance. That idea, while great, shall be reserved for a special time that she and I can share and enjoy without the nuisance of clumsy boy and man hands clinging tea cups together.  Love them, but they aren’t tea party material. Plan 2. Google princess themed party foods. Oh goodness, the stuff that came up… the stuff that didn’t come up… there is a need for creativity out there for this kind of stuff. Hurry, quick, someone get creative. Since it’s almost impossible to find this stuff, I’m giving it to you all in one spot. So you have it when you need it, because if you have a girl you will- one day. Trust me. I will be doing a series of posts so I can break up the menu. First up is an item that was one of her favorites at the table, Strawberry Soup.

I happened upon this recipe, at Southern Plate, a while back. I am gathering strawberry recipes because I was/am hoping to give you a list of great strawberry recipes (to come soon) while they are in season and so cheap! This recipe is for a Strawberry Soup.

There is a restaurant in the Grand Floridan Resort at Disney that serves this soup. Y’all, it’s cold, it’s sweet, it’s creamy and it’s good!

Strawberry Soup
Adapted from  Grand Floridian’s Recipe

You only need 4 ingredients! By the way, this soup will keep in the fridge for a few days.
Heavy Whipping Cream
Sour Cream
A carton of strawberries

First, you will want to clean and slice your strawberries. After you have done that, place them in a bowl and add 1 tbsp of sugar and walk away for about 10-20 minutes.

You want them to have a good juice around them before you start. My strawberries were really cold from my fridge so it took a bit of time for them to get that good juice.

Next add 1/3 cup sour cream, 1 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream and your strawberries to a blender.

Blend until smooth and place back into your refrigerator to get it nice and cold again. I made this the night before the party. The man and I had one taste and had to force ourselves to stop “tasting” because it was that good. The princess LOVED this soup! She ate on it for a few days until it was gone.  This was served as a side, it could be served alone or even as a desert. This is one of those neat little treats that unless you have been to Disney and tasted this soup (or you are scrounging the internet for strawberry recipes, like me), you have probably never heard of it. What a great recipe to have up your sleeve!

For a larger quantity, use 4 lbs (2 cartons) of strawberries, 2-3 tbsp of sugar, 1 16 oz of heavy cream, 2 oz of sour cream. Enjoy!