Preserving Pumpkins

It’s time to go get those pumpkins and those carmel apples.

We got ours today! We bought a GIANT pumpkin. The biggest one on the lot. The kids named him Charlie (Charlie Brown). I will post more pictures of Charlie and the Things later this week. The man is going to buy a bail of hay and we are going to try to get some better pictures in our yard. TidyMom has some great tips on how to preserve a pumpkin.  Go look at her tips!

I had planned to take lots of pictures. They weren’t in the mood.

I got a lot of everyone looking in different directions.

I got a few good ones: none of all three of them together.

Thing 2 just wanted his pumpkin and the carmel apple and apple cider I promised him when we got home.

It was Thing 3’s first time to the pumpkin patch. He wasn’t sure what to think.

We found our pumpkin brought it home in the wagon.

And before we carve it, I am going to follow some smart tips I found out from TidyMom on how to preserve Charlie!