Batman Pj bottoms

It’s the 2nd post for BOPM (Boys Only Project Month). Let’s look at the matching flannel pj bottoms I made for the boys .

I used the same pattern that I used for the bloomers (for the babies) and the ruffled bottom capris (that I made for Thing 1) to make pj bottoms for all three kids. Each pj bottom took me an hour to make. If you want to pick up sewing, start sewing for the little ones first and use the patterns created by Aimee from Sew Sensible. They are beginner patterns and each step has a picture so you can make sure you are doing it correctly. I know that I have given the link to this pattern before, but just in case you are new to the blog here is the link to the pattern for the boutique bottoms pattern. I have been able to use this pattern over and over again.

It’s as simple as cutting two pieces of fabric that look like this:

Then you create a waist line and casing to insert the elastic.

Hem the bottoms of the pants and sew the two pieces together. Easy easy.
And how cute are the boys with their matching Batman Pj’s!! Thing 2 was SO excited that I made him these Batman pj’s. He LOVES them and they are warm and soft.

Baby Bloomers

I have wanted to make a pair of these for a while, but don’t have any more baby girls to sew for. I have a friend having a baby girl any day now and seized the opportunity to make some of these! Here is how I made them.
I had a girl’s pattern for boutique bottoms from SewSensible. ***If you are learning to sew, or want to learn to sew, her patterns are the ones you want to use. They are nothing like a McCall pattern which I find to be very confusing and full of terms that I don’t understand.*** I used that pattern and cut out the fabric using the 9 month old pants pattern. I made the bloomers to fit a 15-20 pound baby (you will need about a 1/2 yard of fabric for this project). Instead of chopping off a bunch of fabric around the legs, I made a wider waist hem and used a wider elastic. For the legs, I used a super skinny elastic band and hemmed them in. If you are worried about the chubbiness of the legs and how tight to make the legs, compare to a closed diaper or pair of pants for the size you are making.
Since I was using a smaller sized pattern for a larger sized baby, I did’t waste much fabric. It turned out just right for a pair of bloomers. I wanted to embellish them with ruffles and make a matching shirt but ran out of time. 
I am making one more for a friend and maybe this time around I will make some ruffles and a matching shirt. 
Originally, I did try out a free tutorial I found online to make these and I wasted my time and my fabric trying to understand the directions. Just as I was about to give up I thought of the boutique bottoms from SewSensible pattern I already had and wondered if I could make them using that. Glad I didn’t give up!

Faith Double Layer Top

I finally got my sewing machine back late last week and began sewing the other night.  I made a Faith Double Layer Top by SewSensible. Again, I can not say enough about her patterns. The top was so easy to put together. Thing 1 picked out the fabric specifically for this top and is in love with it. She wanted to wear it the moment she saw it was finished. I found that this pattern leads you through some short cuts that I didn’t realize exist when sewing the tops together.  I made a few strip work jumpers over the holidays and wished I had known these shortcuts. Her pattern makes sewing so easy to do and it’s fun instead of stressful. 

Take a look at my cutie in her custom made Faith top. Finished just in time for  the 80 degree weather we are getting this week 🙂

Sewing time!

A few posts back I was planning to make Thing 1 a Valentine’s Day outfit. At the time, I was simply going to sew some ruffles onto a pair of jeans and add an appliqué to one of her shirts. Well, I had decided I wasn’t going to have time to do that after all and had given up on the idea of a Valentine’s Day outfit. Then the other day, I was rummaging through my sewing stuff and found some patterns that I had misplaced. Aimee at SewSensible had sent two patterns my way to test out. One was for a pair of boutique bottoms and the other was for a Faith shirt. I had misplaced them after receiving them in the mail and thought that they were gone forever. I couldn’t believe I found them. I pulled out the pattern and looked it over. I was right in the middle of getting dinner started and I decided I could whip these pants up. So, I happened to have some Valentine’s material from last year that I never used so in between prepping my chicken for roasting, cutting potatoes and onion, I cut the fabric. My kids were watching a DVR’d version of Little Einstein’s during this time. I cut the material out and decided they were still busy enough for me to go ahead and iron the fabric for the ruffles. At this point, I was amazed at how quickly it was going. After I ironed, I looked at my timer and I still had about half an hour before my roasted chicken and potatoes were done. The kids were happily playing in the family room by themselves so I thought, do I dare pull out the machine and get started. I decided I would and if I couldn’t finish I would not get upset, I would just do as much as I could. So I sewed. By the time my timer went off and my husband walked in the door my pants were sewn together. All that was left was trying them on my daughter to make sure the fitting for the elastic was correct so I could sew up the hole where I inserted the elastic. I waited until after dinner to do this and while the kids ate ice cream for desert I finished the pants! Literally, I believe it took me an hour. Thing 1 is absolutely in love with her new outfit! Aren’t those bottoms cute?!!

I can tell you from my experience in trying to make a pair of pants exactly like these in the fall with another pattern, that Aimee’s pattern was SUPER EASY!! The way that her instructions are listed with clear photos and her actual pattern, it’s really hard to make these pants take longer than an hour. When I used the other pattern for Thing 1’s fall pants I got angry with the instructions because I couldn’t understand them and I believe they took me about 3 hours to make. I remember thinking, “well, I’ll never do that again.” Aimee’s patterns are for the beginner sewer. You don’t have to have sewing experience or have taken any classes in order to make children’s clothes using her patterns. That is why I am now totally in love with her designs. If you have thought about sewing before and you are just scared, please try out one of her designs. Her patterns can be delivered to you in the mail or through acrobat reader to save on your computer. If you don’t have acrobat reader, her site provides you with a link that you can use to download the program for free. Her patterns are budget friendly and I promise you won’t be sorry you decided to do it. You have nothing to loose. Don’t let fear stop you from making these cute cute creations.

I am going to provide you with two links to make this SUPER easy on you! The first link will get you straight to the page where you can order the boutique bottom pattern that I used to make Thing 1’s Valentine’s Day bottoms. The second link is a link that will get you to Aimee’s Blog where you can view all of her patterns. She has a Sunday dress pattern that is to die for and will be my next project! She is also coming out with some new patterns in the next two months so check back for new stuff.

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