Soccer shirts for Dad and Little Bro Tutorial

This post officially kicks off the BOPM! (boys only project month). Yay, for sewing for boys. There doesn’t seem to be much out there for the little guys. We will just have to change that. Got an idea for a boys project? Send it my way and I will see if I can figure out how to make it 🙂

I searched the internet trying to find something really cute to model my fan shirts after. Can you believe it,  I found NOTHING! I was disappointed. There is one great thing about this tutorial: 1.) It’s cheap. Both shirts cost me $6 to make.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found matching blue shirts for the man and Thing 2. I got blue because that is the color of Thing 1’s game jersey. I purchased 4 square pieces of felt: 2 black and 2 white.

Start the project by finding a picture of a soccer ball on the internet and re-sizing it to the size you want for the shirts. Cut out the ball and place it on the felt. This ball will be your guide throughout the project.

I originally cut out two circles in the black felt…

And decided it was going to be too dark… so I cut out two more circles in the white felt to use for the actual balls. Which color you use for the ball will be up to you.

Once you are done using the soccer ball print out as your guide for making the felt soccer balls, cut out one of the black pentagons.

Then, using your pentagon from the print out as a guide, cut out five felt pentagons.

Arrange them on your white felt soccer ball. and begin cutting thin pieces of black felt to connect the pentagons.

Once you have cut out all of your pieces you can either sew it or hot glue it first. After cutting the felt, I knew it would be hard to work with on the machine since it was slippery. I decided I should hot glue all of the pieces down first before sewing. I know you are thinking, “I bet it made your needle messy.” The answer is, not as much as the felt. My machine should probably get a good cleaning after using that felt.

I sewed down every piece on the soccer ball. Then I sewed the soccer balls to the shirts.

At this point I was thinking it looked a little bare.

I wanted to add something to the shirt that made it about her. Because there is another girl on her team with the same name, I decided to go with the number on her jersey. 
I was satisfied with this. If this had been a fan shirt for Thing 1 it would have been “girlied up,” but… this was for the boys. I had to stop myself from adding something pink or a bow on there, just for her 🙂
I monogrammed the backs of the shirts to say, Soccer Bro and Soccer Dad.
The guys loved them and so did she. 
You can apply this same method to any sport your child is in: baseball, football, tennis… Easy peasy project and great for the siblings so that they can show their support and feel involved (even if they aren’t playing). 
Wash your shirt inside out on the gentle cycle and dry on low heat.