Nigerian Stew

We love Nigerian food around here. We have had the real stuff and sad to say, I failed at this recipe.. AGAIN. This is the second time I have attempted to make this stew and while it was good- it wasn’t the real thing. I am not giving this recipe because I know it was missing some things. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I plan to have my friends over really soon so they can watch me make this and tell me. Once I get it right, I will post those pictures and the real recipe 🙂 I am hoping I can get the tomato rice and coconut rice recipe too 🙂 Ya’ll get ready for some good food!

I love the curry that you can taste in this stew.

I am pretty sure you are supposed to remove the skins from the chicken. I left mine on. I originally cooked this chicken in some water. I needed the broth for this recipe and I saved what I had left over because I am going to need it for my Chicken bog recipe. I wanted to make sure that I sealed in the curry flavor so I threw the chicken in the with onion and curry for a bit.

Another mistake that I know I made because my friends told me this the first time I made it – I am supposed to use fresh tomato. Well, I didn’t have it because this was not on my original menu list. I was supposed to have curry chicken and coconut rice this night but had a craving for this instead. So, I used a can of crushed tomatoes. It does make a difference in this recipe if you use canned verses fresh. The tomato is supposed to cook and become a like a thick paste (I think) lol.

When you eat the real thing, your mouth is on fire because of the peppers that you put in the stew- yet you can taste that great curry flavor on the chicken and the tomato cools off your palate just in time- before tears start to well up in your eyes from the heat. While it was delicious, it wasn’t what we all wanted. We wanted the real thing and I couldn’t produce it. So, I have to get my friends to help me this next time. When its made the right way it’s good food. I am certain that Get Yo Man chicken (Neely’s) and Tomato and Garlic chicken (PW) is just something that was originally taken from this recipe and modified to Americanize it.