Breakfast you can make the night before: Sticky Buns

I have been making these for years now and it just occurred to me that I have never written a blog post about these. This is like a Sunday morning tradition for us. I also make them every Christmas morning. We love these. Our family has gotten so big and the appetites so large that I fear soon I will have to start making 2 pans of these at a time! That’s a good problem, right? 🙂 These are super easy to make and you can change it up as needed.

This is what you need.

Note: I do not like to use stick butter for this recipe. The consistency of the syrup turns out much different. So I use the spread.

3/4 cup homestyle spread

1 cup brown sugar

1 tbsp cinnamon

frozen dough rolls (I use all brands, however if you shop at Walmart, grab the Rhodes Rolls, they are my favorite to use)

Variation: Crushed pecans or walnut, butterscotch pudding, raisins

What do you do next?

Melt butter, sugar & cinnamon in a sauce pan

While stirring, bring it to a simmer until it starts to turn a golden brown.

Spray your bundt pan with Pam. If you are planning on adding nuts or raisins to your sticky buns, then place your topping on the bottom of the pan and add a layer of frozen dough balls on top. If you are not planning on adding nuts or raisins, then layer the bottom of your pan with dough balls.

Next, pour your syrup over the dough balls.

If you want to add the butterscotch pudding, now is the time to do that. Simply pour half of the dry contents of a regular sized box of butterscotch pudding on top. This will give the bottom of the rolls a flavorful crust. If you choose to skip this step, then lay a piece of seran wrap or tin foil over your bundt pan and leave it on the counter over night.

When you wake up the next morning, remove your cover and take a look. It’s all ready for the oven.

Go ahead and place it in a preheated oven set at 350 for 25 minutes. Once the timer goes off, flip it over on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil (for easier clean up) and serve.

You could also drizzle some cream cheese frosting heated for a few seconds in the microwave on top. It’s not really needed because this is super sweet all by itself. Enjoy!


Christmas menu

Well, we all felt a bit cheated after our Thanksgiving meal. The stuffing that we made was not the best. It lacked the flavor that we are used to. That will be the last time I deviate from my normal stuffing recipe. I spent about two years trying out dozens of recipes. I have always wanted a stuffing that we had when I was little, it was moist and had egg in it. I have never been able to find anything close to it. We found this one and its not the same, but it’s oh so good. A few other things (dessert) didn’t turn out either, so the man requested for Christmas we go back to our favorite recipes. Let me add that the cranberry salad was a HIT! I had a table full of eaters who did not care for cranberry anything and all of them went back for 2nds and 3rds. It’s because of this recipe we are daring to try cranberry as a stuffing in our acorn squash!

So here is our menu:

Christmas breakfast:
Sticky buns (it’s a tradition for us)

Brie en Croute

Main Course:
Prime Rib
Roasted Garlic, Sage, and Sausage stuffing
Broccoli Elegant
Acorn Squash with cranberry stuffing
Perfect Potatoes au gratin

Blackberry cobbler
Vanilla Bean ice cream