Turn up the heat! It’s time to make a summer stir- fry

This was so easy to make and such a wonderful change from all the hearty meat filled meals we have been having lately. I read through this recipe and knew immediately I was going to make it. I didn’t anticipate changing so many things. I ended up with a totally different meal then I originally intended to make.

I used all the same ingredients she used. I had roasted corn sitting in my fridge left over from our Fourth of July meal- so this meal was just meant to be.  We had PW (Pioneer Woman) brisket, roasted corn and water melon. I didn’t take any pictures of the brisket but boy was it good. It wasn’t one of those dry briskets that you need to add sauce to. It was so juicy and full of flavor.  Here is the link to the Brisket.

Summer Stir- Fry

I started reading through how to cook the shrimp and knew in the end it would not be what I wanted. I found her spicy shrimp recipe and cooked my shrimp separate from the veggies using that recipe. I followed her summer stir- fry recipe for the veggies, cooked my spicy shrimp and… I made a pot of rice. There is no way the man in the house would have just eaten the veggies and shrimp. He needed a little more substance to his meal. When the veggies and shrimp were done, I threw them all together in the same pan and let the juices and sauce from the spicy shrimp cook with the veggies.

Spicy Shrimp

I then plated the rice, threw my stir-fry over the rice, added a dash or two of soy sauce and some cayenne pepper.  The picture below does not have the soy and cayenne added to it.  People, this meal was mouth watering! Really. Because I added all that heat 🙂 I don’t like shrimp unless it’s spicy and this was just too perfect! Loved the PW inspired creation. The man loved it too. It was his idea to throw in the cayenne and I am so glad he suggested it.