Tie shirt tutorial

YAY for Boy’s only project month!! Project 4! Are you enjoying the BOPM? Let me know if you want to see more boy’s sewing projects.

These are my favorite!

They are ridiculously easy and cute! Great project for a beginner sewer.

Here is how you can start. Go here to download the FREE tie pattern from Saltwater-Kids.

Follow her tutorial or read through mine. Whichever works for you.

If you can, freehand your own tie 🙂

I used her pattern for the length of the tie and I modified my knot. I wanted my knot to curve around the neck of the shirt so I cut like a half circle in the center of the tie.

First, choose your material and lay the pattern on your fabric.

Lay your cut fabric on the Steam- A- Seam and cut out your tie with the backing.

Lay it on the shirt. I like to take off the backing at this point so I can get it to lay like I want it.

This part is just a personal preference. I like the end of my tie to be slightly UNDERNEATH my knot. I think it looks more authentic.

Iron it down. You can stitch it down if you like- I do because I like that security.

 So cute, right? I love it and can’t wait to take pictures of the boys in front of Charlie (our giant pumpkin) in these shirts. What a great Thanksgiving card it will make!