Hush Puppys and tomatoes

Still sticking to my budget friendly menu. Two more days until I have to go grocery shopping. I could use more budget friendly recipes to add to my menu plan so please send me what you have!

I was supposed to have pork chops and rice tonight, but I didn’t feel like having rice tonight. We had arroz con pollo last night and it was made with rice. So, I pulled out mac and cheese, broccoli, and hush puppys (I keep wanting to spell it like this- hush puppies. I am wondering which way is right for these since it is a food lol). I have been dying to try these hush puppys. For some reason I never get around to making them. Well I did tonight.

I found these over by the cornbread and picked them up a good while ago. Preparing them wasn’t hard… waiting for them to finish frying so I could try them was.

I don’t have a deep fryer anymore. I got rid of mine because it was so old and I haven’t replaced it yet.  I had to make these the old fashioned way. I threw five or six in there at a time. I probably could have put more, but I am over cautious when using grease now. I started a grease fire while making french fries in college and that my friends will change you for life- and the way you cook with grease. Cooking the hush puppys without a deep fryer was a HUGE step for me tonight. Mostly because there was so much oil in the pot to deep fry them. I have no problems frying chicken or pork chops in a pan but this much oil in a pot scared me. I had my canister of flour and the lid for my pot literally sitting right beside the pot. 
For years, I wouldn’t cook because I was too scared I was going to start another fire. Finally, someone bought me a deep fryer and taught me how to make bacon and eggs in it. They started me off very slow, cooking with regular foods in a deep fryer. I felt a little safer using it than the stove… eventually I started to cook again on the stove. Years later, I  started to fry again (but only with someone standing beside me.) That lasted for a few more years and sometime after Thing 2 was born I was finally able to start frying by myself with no one around. 

Here are my hush puppys. Cooked, ready for consumption. I burned my mouth trying to scarf one down because I had to know if they were like the ones we eat at our favorite BBQ buffet in Florence, SC. They weren’t. They weren’t soggy and mushy like I like them. They weren’t bad… they just weren’t like I wanted them to be. The kids loved them. So, for the kid’s sake, I will grab another bag next time I am out grocery shopping.

I threatened immediate bedtime for everyone (including the man) if they didn’t eat their trees tonight. I have a whole family (including the man) who HATES veggies. Seriously, I have to hide them in our food so everyone will eat them. I don’t understand how this can be- other than it’s genetic and he passed it down to our kids.

I learned how to hide our veggies in our food using Jessica Seinfield’s cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. Which, by the way, has a ton of great recipes for kids! Love that cookbook. We have a few favorites that are on our rotation from that cookbook.

We were supposed to have Kielbasa, potatoes, and sauerkraut the other night. The dish itself is a recipe I got from a great friend, Galit Hill. It’s on our rotation at least every other month. We love this one. Lately, every single time I am supposed to make it so I can post the recipe, something comes up and I don’t get the pictures or we don’t eat it. This time, the night we were supposed to eat it I really wanted to go to Fredricksberg and eat some real German food. I was really bummed out about it because I was craving the real stuff. So my great hubby said he would take care of our dinner and do the best he could to make it “German” for me. He did great.

He grilled my sausage and fried my potatoes. The potatoes were awesome! The tomatoes are there because I had just written to another friend on FB about these tomatoes and I had to have them. These babies are so good. I could just sit around and eat them all day like chips.

Grilled tomatoes:

Slice the long vine looking tomatoes in half (the man just cuts the tops and digs down a little bit inside the tomato).
Add garlic, olive oil, Sea Salt, basil and parmesan. Grill until cheese is melted.

These are delicious! I love tomatoes in the summertime- it’s like sweet tea- a must in this life. I love tomato sandwiches (tomato, mayo and bread with loads of salt and pepper). We usually eat these with grilled chicken and cut the tomato up and eat it with every bite of chicken- HEAVEN ON EARTH! We have a little bistro here, that is our place for special occasions- they make these to go on their pizza- we special order them separate just as a side (we are probably the only ones who do this lol) and I eat them with their lamb. DIVINE! Just do me a favor and try them. I want you to tell me what you think when you are done.

That’s all for tonight. Please send me what you have for budget friendly recipes. I need the help 🙂