Turkey Leftovers

Who’s still eating from the bird?

If you still have turkey to get rid of, in your fridge or freezer, Mommy Hates Cooking has the perfect recipe for you. Turkey Pot Pie!

I made this with our left over turkey and gravy and it was perfect. This recipe is super easy especially since your meat is already cooked.

Turkey Pot Pie
Adapted from Mommyhatescooking

Preheat oven to 400.

Use a large mixing bowl and mix your left over turkey (I shredded about 4 cups of my turkey), turkey gravy (if you don’t have any left you can use a can from the grocery store), and mixed veggies (I used a can of this).

I had about 14 oz of turkey gravy left over from Thanksgiving. I added a couple ounces of water to mine to stretch it for the pot pie. Add lots of salt and pepper and you can even throw some onion in there if you desire. After mixing all of the ingredients above, pour into a baking dish.

In another bowl mix 1 cup of Bisquick, 2/3 cup of milk, and 1 egg. Spread this over the top of your turkey mixture. This is your crust.

Bake for 30-40 minutes until crust starts to turn a golden brown.

TaDa! Dinner is served and you didn’t break a sweat or the bank!

Thanks Kristy, from Mommy Hates Cooking, for this wonderful recipe! Here is the link to her original recipe and her website. Stop by and say hello and browse through her recipes She has lots of great recipes and great ideas for food!

Later this week I am going to have a guest blogger! The Man. He is going to blog about fry bread and how to make it (with pictures).


Menu Plan

So I finally went grocery shopping and finished cooking off of the last menu. The last three weeks have been off for us since Paul had to travel a few times last week. I was SUPER excited about my bill! $185.00 for the food needed for these 13 meals (plus the everyday stuff paper plates, napkins etc.) the only thing I didn’t buy was our turkey. I am waiting until next week when the prices really get slashed.

I am excited about the food coming up in the next few weeks! I am especially excited about my Thanksgiving Menu (I am posting that in a separate post).

1.) Brisket, asparagus, stuffing and salad
2.) Chicken spaghetti
3.) Falafel
4.) Seasoned pork rib-lets, canned corn, augratin potatoes (Pioneer Woman Recipe! YAY REE!)
5.) Pork chops, roasted red potatoes, green beans
6.) Meatballs (Recipe is already on my blog under beef)
7.) Beef fajitas, chips and guacamole and salad
8.) Thanksgiving meal (post to follow)
9.) Ribs, potato salad, homemade mac and cheese
10.) Tamales (we are having these tonight!! Y.U.M.)
11.) Leftover night
12.) Turkey pot pie (will be using turkey left over from Thanksgiving)
13.) Turkey sandwiches (from Thanksgiving turkey)
14.) Pizza or Calzone night

I’ll post my Thanksgiving menu later today with some recipes that include Turkey so you can use your leftovers.

My Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey

I posted a link to a free Thanksgiving planner last week. This week I am going to give you the recipe I use for my turkey. I have been using this recipe for 8 years and I REFUSE to use any other recipe. When I think of the holidays, I think of this turkey and my mouth begins to water.

This turkey holds the most flavor, the most moisture and has never ever failed me. I have had many a turkey and this is my family’s favorite turkey recipe.

I skip soaking the turkey in the brine and I do not stuff my turkey. We simply soak the cheesecloth in the butter and wine and baste it every half hour. You can follow her other steps, but this is the method that we have enjoyed best through the years.

Hope you enjoy!

Wild Rice and Turkey

Yay for a fall recipe that turned out great!

Ya’ll ready?

Turkey Breast and Wild Rice

Here is what I did different.

I used a fully cooked 1pound turkey breast. I didn’t have anything to stuff or carve. I embedded the breast in the middle of the rice and water, seasoned it ¬†and threw it in the crock pot on high at 3pm and it was done by 5:30pm.

The apples and the cranberry mixed in with a full bite of rice and turkey- it couldn’t have been any better EXCEPT with some pecans! I wish I had thought to throw some in, but it was an afterthought.

Make this wonderful easy fall dish!