Foodie Friday

LogosMenu Planning: do you do it? If not, why? I plan our family’s menu around my husband’s paychecks. Since he gets paid every two weeks, I only go grocery shopping every two weeks. This allows me to stay on budget and not overspend on groceries. Another great thing about menu planning is that I am not starring into a pantry and refrigerator at 5pm everyday wondering what I can piece together. I choose what we will eat each morning and pull the meat out when I wake up to thaw. 

It’s Friday!! Whoop Whoop! I haven’t begun to menu plan for us for the next two weeks so I am going to give you our last cycle. When throwing yours together be sure to think of easy meals for days that you know you won’t have time or energy and always have a meal on hand (frozen pizza or spaghetti) for those days that you can’t get it together in time.

1. CrockPot Zupa Toscanna
2. Tex Mex Beef Wraps (two meals)
3. Meatloaf and Rosemary potatoes (Prep and Freeze Meal)
4. Roasted Red Chili Crock Pot Stir Fry
5. Beef Stroganoff
6. Baked Potato Soup
7. Oven Fried Chicken, corn, and my favorite roasted asparagus
8. Crock Pot Ranch and Onion Flavored Roast
9. Chicken Fajitas and salsa
10. Arroz con Pollo
11. Chicken Salad
12. Crock Pot wings and wedges
13. Leftovers
14. Leftovers

The Things Lunch Menu is being provided by MOMables for the next few weeks! Have you seen their product? I am getting the Gluten Free Menu delivered to my inbox! One less thing for me to come up with! I love it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Hello,   Love Barefoot Contessa, this weekend will be buying her book called “Back to Basics”….yea!   Have a wonderful weekend.


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